The Stage Coach Grille serves the highest quality, made from scratch menu items. Quality is never compromised. We’re strong believers in breaking away from the mundane, bean counting, portion control restaurants that have become the American standard.

The Stage Coach Grille is an old fashioned, slowly cooked, fresh ingredients, type of restaurant. New owner, Rich Tabish, invites you to make a reservation and see for yourself that his restaurant is the best full-service restaurant in the valley.



Benito and his wife, Dania, have been in the restaurant business their entire lives. The first time they walked into the Stage Coach Grille, they fell in love with the concept and the woodwork. Then they had dinner and the food was awesome! The service was great and the atmosphere was comfortable. The “Restaurant Owners” in them came alive.

Benito was visiting his long-time friend and mentor, Rich Tabish, who happened to be the owner of the Stage Coach Grille at the time. Benito joked with RIch about selling him the restaurant and a few years later, when Rich decided the time was right to sell and retire, Benito purchased the Stage Coach Grille from his mentor.

Benito and Dania feel blessed to live the dream of owning and operating an awesome restaurant in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.  They are dedicated to continuing the excellent tradition of service and quality food that Rich, whom the staff all still lovingly refer to as “dad,” carries on.


Meet our




We feed people that travel the world. As such, we provide a world class experience in a down-home atmosphere.

We never skimp on quality and we were focused on local ingredients long before it was a fad. Our hamburger buns are from Muddy Bees Bakery, a bakery located just over the Virgin RIver in Hurricane. Most of our meat products are from Sunbow, a fine northern Utah based meat and produce company. We strongly believe in purchasing from local purveyors when possible.

We make our own salad dressings and sauces and we use fresh ground beef. Our salads are fresh prepared in our kitchen daily. The appetizers are made from scratch, our seafood is prepared alongside freshly hand cut USDA Prime steaks and chops. Just lay your eyes on one of our desserts and you will see that indeed they are a work of art!

We use extra virgin Greek olive oil, goat’s milk feta cheese and Kalamata olives. One of our signature dishes is our hand cut Stage Coach fries. Also we are proud to provide an extensive wine and beer list!

Most importantly, we have brought together a wonderful group of locals that make up our crew, casual dress, yet as professional and friendly to our customers as they can be.

We hope that our efforts will be appreciated, especially by our local friends and neighbors.

Daily we thank God for the opportunity to serve our customers. So kick back, take off your boots and enjoy the Stage Coach Grille!! 




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